The  Andrews/Pritchett Family Ancestors
Peter Andrews
The following pages are the results, so far, of my family history research.
This work is far from complete, please consider it as a work in progress

Our ancestors migrated to Australia from England, Scotland, Ireland and the USA in the 1800s and very early 1900s.
All had interesting lives in one way. Sadly, few records remain.

Detail of recent generations is omitted for privacy reasons.
Some of the information is my own research however most has come from relatives near and far.
I acknowledge and thank them all.
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If you wish to add or correct anything please email me.
If you can provide copies of old photos it would be appreciated.
Use Google, Wikipedia and Google Earth to follow up your research.
I hope it is of some use...Ok so the photo is a few years old...
Peter Andrews
Last modified 4 July 2014

Andrews, Hanrahan, Holland, Hayhoe, Pritchett, Brown, Scholley, MacCormick