1841 Census of the Parish of Forgandenny

Enumeration District 1

So much of the Parish of Forgandenny as lies between the farms of the Bank, Knockower, and Knock Plantation on the east, and Throsby Hill and Wester Bankhead on the west, being bounded on the north by the farms of Roughfold Slap, Struie Hill, White Field, and Wester Bankhead, and on the south by the farms of Lidlashan, Touchie, Rintoul, Lidlannet, Castle Hill, Craigie Mill, Craigie and Craigie Miglie. The said district comprising the farm of Middle Rig, consisting almost wholly of sheep pasture, and the farm of Auchtenny with slight exceptions wholly arable. Enumerator: John Johnston







Born in County


Middle Rig


William Miller M 55 Farmer Yes 1
    William Miller M 15   Yes 1
    Isobella Miller F 20   Yes 1
    Elisabeth Miller F 15   Yes 1
    Ann Miller F 13   Yes 1
    Robert Miller M 11   Yes 1


James Paterson M 30 Agricultural Labourer Yes 1
    George Jackson M 15 Agricultural Labourer Yes 1
    Charles Bowie M 12 Herd Boy No 1


( uninhabited )         1


James Scrimgeour M 25 Farmer Yes 1
    Jane Scrimgeour F 25   Yes 1
    Robert Scrimgeour M 20   Yes 1
    Clementina Scrimgeour F 1   Yes 1


Jane Wilie F 15 Female Servant Yes 1


John Wilson M 45 Shoe Maker No 1
    Janet Wilson F 45   Ireland 1
    David Wilson M 15   No 1
    Jane Wilson F 15 Agricultural Labourer No 1
    John Wilson M 7   No 1
    Margaret Wilson F 4   No 1

1841 Census Data - General Register Office for Scotland. Crown copyright. Reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and Queen's Printer for Scotland.
Additional material 2002 - Alexander Romanov-Hughes

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